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Subject: [TenTec] Heil Goldline Mic
From: vbbond@ix.netcom.com (vbbond@ix.netcom.com)
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 06:31:27 -0700
Mike R. wrote:
Everyone tells me to try the TT705
> mic on it (Omni VI+).
 Also heard that Astatic D-104's are popular with the TTers, but I
> experience a RF problem in the D-104 (common problem).

     I recently played this game and posted my observations on this 
group. I've played with a D-104 (non-amplified), Electro Voice 630, 
Shure 444 and Heil Pro-set (with HC-5 element). Several ops suggested I 
try the TT705. I did. They're right. Observations:
  - D-104: Sounds clean but low output does not drive the Omni 6+ well;   
  - Shure 444: Drives the pants off the Omni but mic gain critical to 
     preclude low level distortion, most buddies didn't like it;

  - Heil Pro-set: Sounds relatively good although some said the HC-5 
    element sounded somewhat "restricted", Does not drive the Omni well, 
    I found I had to turn vox gain all the way up to 15 to trigger vox 
    with mic touching my lips;

  - TT705: Good clear audio and lots of it! Only got one complaint of 
    audio sounding too bassy, everyone else tells me it sounds 
    "natural." Vox, processer gain and mic gain settings set low, vox 
    triggers smoothly. Many good audio reports.

    Hope this helps. I'm satisfied with the TT705 as my basic desk mic 
on the Omni 6+. It seems to do everything well. Price is reasonable.


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