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[TenTec] Contests (was OMNI-VI Plus features lost...)

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Subject: [TenTec] Contests (was OMNI-VI Plus features lost...)
From: agulseth@juno.com (Al Gulseth)
Date: Fri, 01 Oct 1999 11:02:34 EDT
Contests are the issue they are because the rules need to be updated. At
present, contesting (with a few minor exceptions) comes down to "may the
biggest amplifier win". I would propose the following rules changes which
I believe would eliminate a large portion of the problem:
        1. The current rules in most contests give too much advantage to
high power and thus cause excessive QRM on the bands. Revising the power
multiplier system would do a great deal toward equalizing the playing
field. Either A. use a system where the power multiplier would be
directly proportional to the power used with 100 watts as the base point
(i.e., 100 watts = multiplier of 1, 1500 watts = DIVIDE score by 15, 1
watt = MULTIPLY score by 100) or B. if the type "Alpha" ("Life's too
short for QRP") guys moan and complain too much about their loss of
advantage use something like the logarithmic relationship (dB ratio) of
the power levels as the multiplier.
        2. Set up a system of contest observers -- if a station is
verified as being in deliberate and/or flagrant violation of FCC rules or
good (courteous) operating practice by at least two independent
observers, that station would be disqualified from the contest, and
depending on the severity of the offense, be penalized points or barred
from participating in contests for a period of time.

I believe the above changes, possibly in conjunction with the idea of
dividing the bands into "contest" and "non-contest" areas, would go a
long way toward resolving this controversy which has been going on for
many years.



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