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[TenTec] Contests (was OMNI-VI Plus features lost...)

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Subject: [TenTec] Contests (was OMNI-VI Plus features lost...)
From: pcuellar@bright.net (Phil Cuellar)
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 17:50:33 -0400
Guys, I'll describe my setup for the CQ RJ RTTY contest last weekend, try
not to laugh hysterically, please. The setup was at our club's annual "Fall
Round-Up" where we mostly sit around the fire, eat, and shoot the BS...I was
not in the contest as a serious contender for awards, but still managed to
snag some nice DX stations. I did not operate for more than about 45 minutes
at a sitting, as I was mingling with other members, eating, etc. Still I had

Rig: Ten Tec Corsair at 100 watts
Antenna: Hustler 4 band Mobile, mounted to the bumper of my Ranger
Computer: IBM PS-2 model 50z, 286-12mhz
TNC: MFJ-1278bt
Software: XPCom for DOS

Goes to show that you can do a lot with a simple set-up, getting serious
about it only complicates things and adds stress, something I can do

73 de KB8TRK - Phil

> I would definitely add "may the biggest antenna win"
> to what Al describes.
> Where else, but contesting, could you say that one
> 100ft tower isn't enough?  ;-)

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