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[TenTec] Delta II Backlight

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Subject: [TenTec] Delta II Backlight
From: seweber@netnitco.net (seweber@netnitco.net)
Date: Fri, 1 Oct 1999 21:47:23 -0500
Some of you may remember that about a year ago, Carl Hyde found a wonderful
source of ElectroLuminescent material for repairing dead backlights on the
Delta II.  I fixed mine using the information that Carl provided and it
works like a champ.  The only drawback was the price of $50 for the sheet
of EL material.

I just stumbled on a possible second source of EL panels.  The fall 1999
catalog from ALL ELECTRONICS has listed on page 8 a 16.5" x 1.3" glow strip
that is described as having a "soft greenish glow when energized by 100
Vac." USED, REMOVED FROM WORKING EQUIPMENT. Catalog # GLS-1.  The 1.3 inch
dimension is just right, and the panel can probably be trimmed down to 6.25
with no problem. (The panels from the other source could be cut with a
razor knife.)

The best part is that it is more cost effective (spelled c-h-e-a-p).  $5.00

The number for All Electronics is 1-800-826-5432.  I am not affiliated with
All Electronics, blah blah blah, all of the usual disclaimers, your mileage
may vary, close cover before striking, and any other legalese that may

(What do you call a group of skydiving lawyers?             Skeet)

If anyone tries this, please report back to the list. Nosy Hams Want To Know!

73 de KD9BO Steve

Steve Weber,

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he  thinks he already knows." --

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