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Subject: [TenTec] Pegasus
From: wa1rd@home.com (David Ward)
Date: Sat, 2 Oct 1999 12:56:43 -0400

Hi John and Everyone else,
I, too, am somewhat puzzled by the lack of attention Pegasus is receiving. I
have been singing its praises from the mountain tops. I love it. It has
become my #1 radio, beating out my beloved FT-990 and IC-706. As it is for
each of us, my reasons are tailored for me and my needs. So, from my
perspective, here it goes...

I mostly rag chew. My transmit audio must be very clean and have good
presence. According to reports from (yes, the group I hang out with) all
different 80 and 40 groups, the Pegasus transmit audio meets and exceeds
those requirements. There is no ?Proc? switch either. My ham friends who
know my real voice like what they hear from this $895 radio.

Receiving with the noise reduction algorithm is a pleasure.  I don?t think
any manufacturer has yet marketed the ?perfect? noise reduction system. What
I like you may not. But I will tell you this -those noisy summer evenings on
80 are now workable for me when I use to give up. The plethora of filters
(both transmit and receive) have given the amateur tailor made audio. The
pass band tuning helps me ignore bothersome adjacent signals.

Being able to make my faceplate as large as I want helps me to see what I am
doing, i.e. the frequency I am on!  My vision is deteriorating rapidly so
this feature is now high on my priority list. I suspect others with similar
eyesight problems are happy over this new breed of ?virtual? radios. Other
programmers may invent/create more form versus function solutions now that
Ten Tec is opening up the source code. With its downloadable software and
firmware bios, Pegasus will be recreated over and over again. This very well
may lead to a new era in how amateur radio is executed.

I did have to purchase a strong 25 amp continuous power supply. A 30 amp (25
cont.) switcher from Astron for $119 did the trick. When I used lesser
supplies all sorts of weird things happened. I also run an AL-1500 and
resonant coax fed dipoles. I don?t have any switcher, computer or monitor
noise in the Pegasus. I was careful about not having ground loops.

Check back with me in six months to see if I am still as enthusiastic as I
am today over the Pegasus. The radio certainly seems to fit many of my needs
in an economical fashion. By the way, I first used an old Pentium 75 laptop
which worked fine. I would think most computers up to ten years old would

Good luck and best wishes. I hope I answered enough of your questions.

David Wa1rd

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