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[TenTec] Comments: TT QRP monobanders

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Subject: [TenTec] Comments: TT QRP monobanders
From: brian@iquest.net (Brian Murrey)
Date: Sun, 03 Oct 1999 19:52:35 -0500

I see you are a Tech Plus, I think one of the TT monobanders would be
great for you. The Scout is an awesome rig in my opinion, but it comes
already built. Personally, I jumped into HF with nothing more than a 2
watt 40m transceiver. I see you're in NC, I'm in Indy and I'd guess
I've got 20 QSO's confirmed via QSL cards from NC alone. I got on the
HF air on Labor Day of 98, in November of 98 I upgraded to General,
and my CW speed is getting close enough to maybe try the Extra CW exam
in a month. In the year I've been QRPing it, I have earned the FISTS
Century Club award, played around in about a dozen contests (mainly
for skills building) and I only need 8 more states for WAS. All on 2
watts and a dipole antenna IN MY ATTIC.

I say go the QRP route, have some fun building your own rig, and get
the scout later. 

But hey, I'm a QRP junkie now, and I have at least ONE QSO a day on
40m with my rig.

72 de KB9BVN



JPD wrote:
> I would appreciate comments on the TT QRP monobanders,
> or should I buy a Scout for a first HF radio?
> Please email direct.
> Thanks, Jamie D. KF4VOP

       KB9BVN -NORCAL #2792 FISTS #5695 QRP-L #1540
        39.558 N   86.095 W   Johnson Co., Indiana
     GRID: EM69WN - NORCAL 40A - Attic Dipole - 1.5w
 Proud to be a member of the American Radio Relay League
        Foxhunting Team UNDERDOG - Underdog #4
   FISTS Century Club #764 - FISTS QRP Century Club #24

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