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[TenTec] Frequency Lockup Blues

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Subject: [TenTec] Frequency Lockup Blues
From: SteveBaron@starlinx.com (Steve Baron - KB3MM)
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 12:24:42 +0100
Did you ever have that lock-up problem before ?

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From: Phil Cuellar <pcuellar@bright.net>
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To: <tentec@contesting.com>
Date: October 09, 1999 1:15 PM
Subject: Re: [TenTec] Frequency Lockup Blues

>If the guys at TT couldn't reproduce the problem, look for a source outside
>of your rig. What power supply are you using? Is it healthy? Just some
>GL & 73,
>Phil - KB8TRK     EM89mr
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>From: N1EU <n1eu@yahoo.com>
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>Sent: Saturday, October 09, 1999 1:16 AM
>Subject: [TenTec] Frequency Lockup Blues
>> I hate to bore the reflector with the same old stuff,
>> but I can't believe I just got my Omni 6 (opt 3) back
>> from TLC in Sevierville and first time I powered it
>> up, it's got frequency lock up.  Piotr just went
>> through a thread on this a week ago or so.  I tried
>> many cycles of partial and full resets, reseated all
>> the connectors inside, pulled the backup battery out
>> and popped it back in - all to no avail.
>> ARGHHHHH!!!!!
>> Can anyone out there pass a helpful suggestion my way?
>> Tnx & 73,
>> Barry  N1EU
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