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[TenTec] very odd thing happend

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Subject: [TenTec] very odd thing happend
From: n3byy@yahoo.com (Scott Howell)
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 1999 23:35:04 -0400
well my poor Omni-V suffered some strange illness, but is all well again.
I was getting ready for the FIsts sprint and guess I tuned up with a bit
more pwr than usual. The logging program got scrambled from rf getting into
the serial cable. In any case I got the program straight, but in the process
something really weird happend.
I had to reboot the computer and all the sudden I hit the reset button on
the pc, the Omni just went siolent. Yes, dead like no if you pulled the
Well I turned it off and back on, but the rig wouldn't transmit, buttons
didn't function, but the vfo would change freqs if you turned it.
Damned strange thing and I even tried resetting it. Finally after I went to
get the screwdriver figuring if nothing else the Omni would see it and get
well really quick, I hit the switch and she was back.
I haven't any idea what happend, but let me tell you I was really getting
upset. I couldn't imagine having to box my baby up. Of course I got the
wonderful Triton IV and it was ready to do its work, but really a sick Omni
wasn't going to be a good thing.
Any thoughts folks? I wonder if well what do I know, but maybe some bit or
palse of current or something came up the serial cable and did something.
I also considered a power blip, but it would have tripped the ups or my xyl
would have been screamming at me about my rig fouling something up<g>.
well don't know, but odd.

73 de Scott/n3byy
Laurel MD
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