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[TenTec] Insurance (Was: Omni Vi freq drift and poor keyer?)

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Subject: [TenTec] Insurance (Was: Omni Vi freq drift and poor keyer?)
From: James Morgan" <dinsmore@gte.net (James Morgan)
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 15:04:40 +0100
I took a lightning hit this year....NO ANTENNAS CONNECTED,
it hit the pole behind the house and came in on the tv cable and power
line.. and of course went to ground as it should... then distributed itself
throughout the house via the ground system...taking out the
transceiver, amplifier, 2M rig, computer, monitor, telephones, answering
machine, 32" tv receiver, stereo, 2 air conditioners, 4 lighting fixtures
etc etc....you get the idea.  The amp is at Ten-Tec being repaired as we
speak.  Insurance is under the homeowners with $500 deductible.. the
insurance carrier wants the homeowner to do all the leg work, won't send
out an adjuster to look at anything, you have to make arrangements to
get each item taken somewhere, pay for the estimate anywhere from $35 to $75
each depending on what it its, then if the insurance company feels
it was indeed a lightning hit they will  perhaps pay to repair it... but you
don't find out till you have spent over a $1000 in estimates and removal
fees etc.  Not a good experience.. Now, if not on the air, or actually
using the computer, NOTHING IS CONNECTED.    It is a real catch 22
situation....for example if you pay $75 for an estimate to get your
transceiver fixed, it will of course be credited if you get it fixed there,
if the insurance company wants it fixed somewhere else....no refund on
the estmate....same applies if they replace your rig...  no wonder the
folks in the insurance business get so many perks......
                                         Good luck  73 Jimmy AE4NA
                                In Florida, the lightning capital of the

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