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Subject: [TenTec] Insurance
From: w5yr@swbell.net (George T. Baker)
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 10:53:12 -0500
Gary, the National Electrical Code has some very stringent words
concerning wire antennas, how they are constructed, installed, operated,
etc. The language of the NEC suggests that the content was generated in
the 1920's or thereabouts. I doubt that one amateur installation of wire
antennas in 1000 could meet the NEC specs, if that many.

Since most insurance companies have the built-in loophole of not being
liable for claims when any Code violations are involved, I wonder what
State Farm did in your case if you had any wire antennas erected, etc.

I also have State Farm for all my car, motorhome, home owners and
liability insurance and would like to know further of your experience if
you don't mind sharing some of the details.

I was gratified to read of your satisfaction with the way your claim was
settled. I have always had good relations with SF and intend to remain
with them. But, are they sticklers for Code violations re wire antennas
per a 1920's definition of what a wire antenna is and how it is to be

Thanks, Gary.

72/73, George        AMA 98452          R/C since 1964                 
Amateur Radio W5YR, in the 54th year and it just keeps getting better!  
AutoPOWER Systems, Fairview, TX (30 mi NE Dallas)  Collin County

Gary Harmon wrote:
> My personal experience with State Farm has been wonderful.  My lightening
> strike occurred several years ago and they paid for everything, no
> questions.  Our local HAM store did the estimate for a small charge since I
> wasn't going to give them the fried equipment.  The estimated the TV, VCR
> and all the HAM stuff including the antenna.  State Farm accepted the
> estimate and cut me a check while I was waiting.
> If I had a tower I could add it's value to the policy for a small additional
> fee but I don't remember how much.  Also, you can add mobile rigs and mobile
> antennas to your car insurance for almost nothing.  I believe the only
> stipulation is that the radio must be mounted and not just laying on the
> seat.
> BTW, they also have an option that covers other peoples things that you may
> be using or trying out.  I know from personal experience since I blew up  my
> son's friend's Commayuck 64 some years back.  They replaced it no questions
> asked.
> My reflections about my insurance carried earn me no rewards or frequent
> flyer miles, I'm just a happy customer.
> 73,
> gary

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