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[TenTec] VOX operation Omni 6

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Subject: [TenTec] VOX operation Omni 6
From: kg5u@hal-pc.org (Dale L. Martin)
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 1999 17:30:21 -0500
The PTT/VOX switch enables (in the PTT position) and disables (in
the VOX position) the PTT switching transistor circuit to the
radio.  Some radios don't need PTT activated to operate VOX.

The purpose of the battery is to provide battery voltage for the
audio and PTT circuits.  In most/many/some (??) of the Ten-Tec
radios, a +4V dc voltage is provided from pin 3.  Where that is
the case, the battery is not needed and should be removed.   For
circumstances where the mic is being used on a device without the
+4v dc voltage source, then the battery must be put in place.

dale, kg5u

>   You got me.. I went over to the rig just now, and, the
PTT/VOX switch on
>the bottom seems to make zero difference... Hmmm wonder why I
thought that
>before... And, now I wonder why that switch is there... and ,
why is the 9v
>battery there?


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