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[TenTec] Cross-band split CW

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Subject: [TenTec] Cross-band split CW
From: pklein@2alpha.net (Peter A. Klein)
Date: Wed, 13 Oct 1999 20:15:21 -0700
I may need to operate crossband split CW on my Omni VI.  I'll be
transmitting on 21 MHz and receiving on 29 MHz (to work the RS-13 satellite).

When I tried to do this "for practice" into a dummy load, I found that it
did not work (at least not with an external keyer).  The rig slowly
switched back and forth between the two bands, and put out one dot or dash
each time it was on 21 MHz.  Using the "slow" QSK switch position did not
help.  Neither did using the PTT switch on the microphone, which keys the
Omni's CW line.  On most Yeacomwood rigs I've met, the PTT line (and MOX
switch) set the rig up for transmit, avoiding this slow bandswitching problem.

Resourceful soul that I am, I tried the "Mute" jack at the back of the
radio.  When I shorted the Mute line in "Split" mode, the display switched
to the transmit frequency, and my sidetone and wattmeter indicated I was
sending properly.  The LEDs for the A and B VFOs switched as I keyed, however.

I just want to make sure:  Is this way of using the "Mute" jack the proper
way to work crossband split?  I RTFM'd, and the manual mentions doing this
when transmitting and receiving on different sections of 10 meters.

(and yes, RTFM is a verb, sort of, so it can have a past tense!)

73 from KD7MW,

--- Peter
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