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[TenTec] 217 filter is sent back in 'good' health

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Subject: [TenTec] 217 filter is sent back in 'good' health
From: bigmack@nortexinfo.net (Robert)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 00:05:09 -0500
I don't know if I would call it 'squeaky' but it does get pretty close to 
that description...

Hey, I was just reading my warranty info, and it says that TT will ship me 
out a replacement board so I don't have to ship the whole unit back.. Do 
they really do this? It is so nice to have a US company to deal with, I can 
only imagine what my sales rep would have said about my YAESU if I had 
asked for the same consideration....

At 12:02 AM 10/14/99 , you wrote:
>Robert wrote:
>  I have a 217 and a 218 filter (217 in slot #1, 218 in #2)
> > Can someone give me an idea of how to 'hear' the 217 in action? I have
> > tried every configuration I can think of, but, when I bring N1 into the
> > mix, it is as if the slot is empty... I can hear a true difference in the
> > 218, and while not expecting the same, I would expect to hear SOMETHING out
> > of the 217...
>     I have a new Omni 6+ with the TT217 (500Hz) and TT218 (1.8Kc)
>filters in "N1-N2." One way you can tell that the TT217 is working is to
>do this: find a strong CW signal and, with the 500 Hz filter in the
>6.3mHz IF engaged, tune off to the side of the signal to the point where
>it is almost out of the passband but can still be heard somewhat. Now,
>punch in the TT217 in your N-1 and see if the CW signal decreases more
>or even disappears entirely. If it does decrease or disappear, you know
>your TT217 is working because it is cascading with the other 500Hz
>filter and creating steeper filter skirts.
>       Now, my question to YOU: When listening to a SSB signal, say on 40
>meters, and you punch in the TT218, does it get kinda squeaky to you? I
>notice a difference in selectivity when I punch in the TT218 but its
>pretty squeaky and if I am already using the other 1.8kc filter in the
>6.3mHz IF and I add the TT218, it gets even squeakier. Finally, if you
>go up to say 20 meters SSB where the detector is on USB and is squeaky
>to begin with, and you add the TT218, wow, its so squeaky I can't really
>use it. Does that square with your experience? I've talked to others who
>have noticed the same thing. Operating on USB and using the TT218 is
>just too restricted for my taste. So I rarely even use my TT218. But I
>DO use the 1.8kc filter in the 6.3mHz IF whenever there is interference.
>It seems to sound better and be less squeaky than the TT218. What do you
>                                  Vince/K7NA

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