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[TenTec] 217 filter is sent back in 'good' health

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Subject: [TenTec] 217 filter is sent back in 'good' health
From: bigmack@nortexinfo.net (Robert)
Date: Thu, 14 Oct 1999 19:24:35 -0500
Hi Vince,

Yeah, I guess squeaky fits the bill, the 218 really chops it off... The 217 
is much less drastic, but, i cant put anything into option #1 slot on the 
board, it just doesn't work at all... Even with nothing in the slot, 
accessing N1 makes no change in audio, as if the Omni thinks there really 
is a filter there... Empty slot #2 will cause a complete loss of audio if I 
select N2... But both filters work in slot #2 without any problems at all...

Anybody else seen this before???

I talked with Paul at TT today , and, he told me that if it is the board 
that is faulty, it will require a major re-alignment to get the new board 
to be correct.. *sigh*

Oh well, I guess I will call them in the morning to see if they can figure 
it out over the phone...

At 08:30 AM 10/14/99 , you wrote:
>Robert wrote:
> >
> > I don't know if I would call it 'squeaky' but it does get pretty close to
> > that description...
> >
> > Hey, I was just reading my warranty info, and it says that TT will ship me
> > out a replacement board so I don't have to ship the whole unit back.. Do
> > they really do this? It is so nice to have a US company to deal with, I can
> > only imagine what my sales rep would have said about my YAESU if I had
> > asked for the same consideration....
>     Well, I WOULD call it squeaky because that's what it sounds like in
>my speaker--really narrow and restricted. No lows whatsoever. All highs.
>You're not hearing that? Can you be more specific and tell me more of
>what you're noticing when you use the "narrow" 9 MHz SSB filter?
>      I suggest you call Ten Tec today and describe your problem to them.
>They will probably ask you  to call the omni expert at the service
>number. Talk with him, tell him what you're noticing. He might be able
>to help you fix it on the spot. Or, if need be, he will send out to you
>a new filter or a new board, whatever it takes. You swap the items with
>your defective and send them back to TT. Yes, that's a very nice part of
>the famous TT service. I've owned mostly Kenwood rigs over the years and
>besides not using English as a first language, the lady at the Kenwood
>service dept. seemed to know only one thing to suggest: "Package up the
>radio and send it to us." That was it. That was the answer to all
>questions, even if you were just inquiring about how a particular radio
>should operate or sound. Always the same: Pack and send. I got really
>tired of that over the years and I just sold my last Kenwood, my TS930S
>which was, all things considered, a good rig (although not as good in
>the rcvr dept as the Omni). I still have a Icom751A and haven't decided
>if I will sell it or keep as a backup. Let me know more about what
>you're noticing when using the 9mHz 1.8kc filter, will you?
>                                  Vince/K7NA

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