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[TenTec] Scratchy Receive on Paragon I

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Subject: [TenTec] Scratchy Receive on Paragon I
From: hmmjr@erols.com (H. M. Motley, Jr.)
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 09:14:17 -0400
I'd say with a high degree of certaincy that you have a problem with the
solder connections on the VCO board.  I've had my Paragon since 1992 and
have experienced the same problem.  The Paragon has four or five VCO's
on the board, each of which functions on a different range of
frequencies. The solution to your problem is to identify, from your
manual, the VCO that covers 160 and 80 meters, remove the board from
your Paragon and resolder all connections around that VCO. 

I've had the problem more than once with different range VCO's. 
Finally, the last time, I removed all solder from the board with solder
wick and a solder sucker are resoldered every connection.  That was 4
years ago and no problems since. This can be delicate work and if you
don't feel sure of your soldering technique with circuit boards let
someone else do it.  You don't need to add addition problems by creating
solder bridges between traces!

If you need additional info on which board and its location drop me a
note and I'll get out my Paragon manual when I'm at home this evening.

Good Luck,
Puck, W4PM

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