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[TenTec] Argosy arrived, now I need accessories

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Subject: [TenTec] Argosy arrived, now I need accessories
From: cshyde@yahoo.com (Carl Hyde)
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 1999 07:29:55 -0700 (PDT)
Hi Caitlyn
Nice to see you back and congratulations on your new
radios. I can help you and everyone else who may be
considering using a TT mobile. The Ten Tec circuit
breakers were all made by AirPax. They are available
from some of the larger Marine Electrical Supply's but
I get them from  Ward's Marine Supply and Services in
Florida.  The Ward's catalog number that you want is: 
UPG 6-1-72-10301. That equates to the AirPax Single
Pole, Toggle, panel mount, 10 Amp standard acting,
magnetic circuit breaker. Wards URL is

The price is $12.48 plus shipping. They carry circuit
breakers all the way up to 100 Amps which is nice if
you are running a linear off of 12 volt batteries and
want to prevent a house fire.

When running any radio mobile a circuit breaker is a
must. Fuses don't always offer complete protection and
if you really wanted to do it right then a circuit
breaker on the positive wire and one on the negative
wire is the way to go. 

By the way I got this info the first time directly
from Ten Tec service when they discontinued carrying
the circuit breakers. If your radio is higher power
(100 watts) then ask for the apropriate circuit
breaker like 15 17 or 20 amps. 

--- Caitlyn Martin <caitlyn@netferrets.net> wrote:

> 1125 circuit breaker (for mobile/portable use)

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