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[TenTec] Re: Comments on Heil/Omni 6

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Subject: [TenTec] Re: Comments on Heil/Omni 6
From: dacalvin@us.ibm.com (dacalvin@us.ibm.com)
Date: Mon, 18 Oct 1999 12:09:35 -0500

OK, then I'll reply with what I wrote him direct.  I pleaded with him NOT to put
another HC-4 on the air.  I have stopped responding to operators using them
because (in my opinion) they are the worst sounding audio on the bands.  I find
them, especially when combined with the usual over-processing heard during
contests and pileups, to be terrific noise generators.  I find them much more
difficult to copy than more normally-tailored microphone response curves.  The
HC-5 works very well for me, although, as we've seen mentioned here in the past,
it doesn't have enough output to drive the VOX very well.  So, in my opinion,
HC-5 = YES, and HC-4 = NO!!

     73,  Duane   AC5AA

Duane A. Calvin
Server Systems Test Engineer
Dept. 76TS   RS/6000 - SP Nodes
IBM Austin, TX      >O<     Tie: 793-3368

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