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[TenTec] Replies for Omni VI+ Service

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Subject: [TenTec] Replies for Omni VI+ Service
From: ae9d@FoxValley.net (Rick Andren)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 00:16:19 +0100
Thanks for all the replies I received regarding service for my Omni VI+.
Let me say again as I have in the past... I love the Omni when it's working
properly, but honestly, mine has been a dog since the day I bought it (new).
I'm also considering trading it in to TT for another Omni that may not be
riddled with so many recurring problems.  I'm not a chronic complainer, but
as I've said to TT before, "This transceiver has never met your published
specs to date", and this is a true statement (after 30 days of use).
Furthermore, I don't know of any other radio that needs a full time service

Sorry about that.
(Flame off)

Some asked what the problems are.  To keep it short, the first problem is a
bump in the tx and rx freq every 10 seconds on 30M and 10M.  The normal fix
for this is to slightly adjust the coils on the local oscillator/mixer
board.  However, this has not fixed the problem for me.

The second problem is the entire radio (all bands) being off freq by more
than 350Hz.  TT replaced the main crystal and oven last time to fix this,
but it drifts off after 30 days of use after every repair.  I'm tired of
living with this.

I have addressed these two problems to TT for years, and have paid
repeatedly to have them repair the same problems.  There have been many
other problems that TT has repaired, and those repairs have been resolved.

73/DX, de Rick AE9D

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