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[TenTec] Some thoughts on Scout.

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Subject: [TenTec] Some thoughts on Scout.
From: aa8ve@juno.com (JEFF S JOHNSON)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 09:43:16 -0400

Having just shipped my beloved Scout off for her new home this morning I
thought I'd write down a couple things I learned while I had her .

Like most of us I bought my Scout new without hearing another one first
so never knew what it was to sound like. I used it for almost a year
before I realized the Jones filter didn't work right. Well it did work
but when turned narrow on CW the pass window was at zero beat instead of
up at 700hz for the offset. This was later found to be due to improper
match of the softwear and filter crystal board used. T*T corrected the
problem by installing a new softwear chip and filter board that were
matched. This made the rig perform much better. Anyone with this type
problem may want to give them a call, there is a color code on the
filters and softwear to check and tell if yours in right.

Another bit of info I picked up somewhere that is kinda neat was how to
run recieve without having the counter or microprosser on, by turning the
rig off and then back on quickly the micropressor stays of with no freq.
counter just the meter light is on. For QRP rx this cuts down on current
draw as well. On great band conditions running it this way without that
small whine in the audio the recieve  is quite stunning to say the least,
with headphones on it was so good it brought tears to my eyes!  I am
quite sure NO other rig built today at any price could out do a Scout
reciever ran this way.

Every time I ran the Scout mobile, portable, or fixed at home it was
always a pleasure. With great sig. reports .     

73 fer now     -Jeff-   aa8ve
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