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[TenTec] WTB: Argosy accessories (revised list)

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Subject: [TenTec] WTB: Argosy accessories (revised list)
From: caitlyn@netferrets.net (Caitlyn M. Martin)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:25:13 -0400
Hi, everyone,

First, I want to thank everyone who replied with comments and suggestions
about filter, accessories, and general tips for my "new" Argosy station.
Based on those comments, I have chosen the Ten Tec 220 and 218 filters to
add to the rig for SSB, and the Embedded Research 224 audio filter for CW.
Two members of this reflector graciously offered to build the kit for me,
and I am very, very grateful.  This is a fantastic group.

I've decided to buy the two crystal filters new from Ten Tec.  I'd consider
used ones, but not unless they are significantly cheaper than new ones.
Otherwise, I'd rather have a warranty.  So... if you have either of those
filters, and are willing to sell them for $55 a piece, I would be

The other items I still am looking for are:

226 calibrator
223 noise blanker

I am currently also looking for one fairly rare Japanese-made rig, the NCG
7/21/50 tribander.  I don't know the National Radio model, but I would take
the overseas equivalent with the National name.  If you have one and are
interested in selling it (or trading it), please do contact me.

Thanks again and 73,

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