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[TenTec] Mic. and speech processor questions

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Subject: [TenTec] Mic. and speech processor questions
From: caitlyn@netferrets.net (Caitlyn M. Martin)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 14:56:40 -0400
Hi, everyone,

The manual for my Argosy 525 (analog, early S/N) calls for a high impedance
microphone, Ten Tec models 215P or 215PC.  I know that Ten Tec sold several
of the newer, low impedance mics for the Argosy as well, such as the 700A
and 705A.  Would there be any difference in the way my audio would sound
with one versus the other?  I know I have to set the drive control much
lower with the low impedance mic., but is that the only difference?

I've also arranged to buy one of the 234 speech processors listed on the
reflector.  Aside from Ten Tec's statement in the Argosy manual about where
to draw the +12V from, are there any other quirks or issues with this
processor (other than the standard warning not to overprocess)?  Any
comments, suggestions, or whatever about the 234 would be welcome.

Thanks and 73,
(who is not willing to have yucky sounding transmit audio)

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