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[TenTec] Mic. and speech processor questions

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Subject: [TenTec] Mic. and speech processor questions
From: Ken Simpson" <W8EK@fdt.net (Ken Simpson)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 15:54:23 -0400
Hi Caity,

One of the very important things to do with the 234 processor is to
make certain that you get the 13 V DC to power it from the radio, and
not from the power supply.

This may sound stupid at first, but let me explain.  Because of
voltage drops through connector, and multiple grounds, the 234
processor will likely end up has RF feedback problems if the power is
obtained from the power supply.  This was a fairly big problem when
they were being sold new.  At least 90% of the problems were cured by
simply plugging into the13 V DC on the rig (this applies to any of the
rigs -- not just the Argosy).

There still are a few instances of RF feedback.  This can be cured by
running the 13 V DC through a toroid, to keep RF out, and making
certain that well shielded cables are used.

By the way, the 234 speech processor uses RF processing, and is MUCH
better than the audio processors.


Ken, W8EK

Ken Simpson
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Date: Tuesday, October 19, 1999 2:50 PM
Subject: [TenTec] Mic. and speech processor questions

>Hi, everyone,
>The manual for my Argosy 525 (analog, early S/N) calls for a high
>microphone, Ten Tec models 215P or 215PC.  I know that Ten Tec sold
>of the newer, low impedance mics for the Argosy as well, such as the
>and 705A.  Would there be any difference in the way my audio would
>with one versus the other?  I know I have to set the drive control
>lower with the low impedance mic., but is that the only difference?
>I've also arranged to buy one of the 234 speech processors listed on
>reflector.  Aside from Ten Tec's statement in the Argosy manual about
>to draw the +12V from, are there any other quirks or issues with this
>processor (other than the standard warning not to overprocess)?  Any

>comments, suggestions, or whatever about the 234 would be welcome.
>Thanks and 73,
>(who is not willing to have yucky sounding transmit audio)
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