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[TenTec] Mic. and speech processor questions

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Subject: [TenTec] Mic. and speech processor questions
From: w5yr@swbell.net (George T. Baker)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 15:07:44 -0500
Caity, please read the email I sent in response to Bill Ames' comments re
speech processing.

I wanted to add that on the processor I describe in that email I have
always operated it on internal batteries in order to avoid any problems
with distortion caused by r-f feedback. My first efforts at processing
with an outboard unit were doomed because I tried to use an external
power supply. It saves a lot of messing about just to run things from
batteries. Typically my processor will run over a year on a single set of
D-cell batteries!

Good luck and keep an eye on your output wattmeter while running the
processor. If you see much more than a four-times increase in average
power, you are probably running too much processing. I also recommend
constant monitoring of the r-f envelope of your transmitter output on a

72/73, George        AMA 98452          R/C since 1964                 
Amateur Radio W5YR, in the 54th year and it just keeps getting better!  
AutoPOWER Systems, Fairview, TX (30 mi NE Dallas)  Collin County

Ken Simpson wrote:
> Hi Caity,
> One of the very important things to do with the 234 processor is to
> make certain that you get the 13 V DC to power it from the radio, and
> not from the power supply.
> This may sound stupid at first, but let me explain.  Because of
> voltage drops through connector, and multiple grounds, the 234
> processor will likely end up has RF feedback problems if the power is
> obtained from the power supply.  This was a fairly big problem when
> they were being sold new.  At least 90% of the problems were cured by
> simply plugging into the13 V DC on the rig (this applies to any of the
> rigs -- not just the Argosy).
> There still are a few instances of RF feedback.  This can be cured by
> running the 13 V DC through a toroid, to keep RF out, and making
> certain that well shielded cables are used.
> By the way, the 234 speech processor uses RF processing, and is MUCH
> better than the audio processors.
> 73,
> Ken, W8EK

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