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[TenTec] Digital Tuning with Game Paddle, interested?

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Subject: [TenTec] Digital Tuning with Game Paddle, interested?
From: bigmack@nortexinfo.net (Robert)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 21:51:49 -0500
Now all you need to do is figure out how to fire those tower mounted laser 
cannons!! Watch out for the RFI meanies.. If they shorten your driven 
element too much, RFI will destroy your site, and, you only have three 
lives to save the airwaves!!!

At 08:53 PM 10/19/99 , you wrote:

>If your into knobs on your radios, pass this by, you will feel better that
>I have just been having a neat new experience.  My Grandson showed up here
>with a broken game paddle the kind that is like the one hand control stick
>with left, right, forward, backward and extra buttons for the guns and
>things.  He wanted it fixed.  To bad, he is a nice kid, but I am keeping the
>thing.  His dad can buy him another one....
>I plugged the thing into a game socket on a computer here and interfaced it
>into the software for my TS-570 at the remote site.  Wow!
>With the left and right motion hooked into the tuning rate of 10 Hz per step
>to 100 kHz per step you can get around real fast or as slow as you want.
>Then I put the forward and backward into the filter selection.  This is a
>whole new experience - one I am enjoying.  Then, using on of the gun
>buttons, I had it alternately zip around the database I have collected of
>people and activities on the bands that I like to listen to.  This makes my
>mouse look like the it should be put back on the shelf!
>I have only been at this a few hours now but I wonder if anyone else has any
>ideas or thoughts on improving on the virtual round tuning knob that is so
>prevalent in the software for our new radios these days?  I have created
>spinning buttons for all the 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz etc and they are not bad,
>but this joystick beats it all for getting around accurately, fast and
>This game paddle is of the simple variety I am told, what are the features
>that might be possible with more advanced game controllers?  At the moment I
>am thinking of putting one of these things in my vehicle for controlling the
>Pegasus when the time comes, it will sure be better than pushing little
>buttons to make things happen.......
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