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[TenTec] [Ten-Tec] TT and Heil Microphones

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Subject: [TenTec] [Ten-Tec] TT and Heil Microphones
From: nw4p@mary.xtn.net (nw4p@mary.xtn.net)
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 1999 22:54:49 -0400
   I recently had some friends listen to 4 different microphones on my
6+. The mikes were the  Heil Pro-Set with an HC-4, a Pro-Set with an HC-5,
a standard TT handmike, and a TT 705. I did not tell them which was which.
The results were: 1. TT 705  "It sounds the best."
                  2. Heil HC-5  "It sounds good but the 705 sounds better."
                  3. TT Handmike "Sounds more like you."
                  4. HC-4  "I don't like it."
Everyone said the same thing. Almost like a tape recording. For years, I've
been using a TT handmike or the HC-5, guess I'll add the 705 to my collection
now.(While the HC-4 is not good for ragchewing, I found that it does work
well on DX.)
     73,    Richard   NW4P

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