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Subject: [Fwd: [TenTec] rig recommendations]
From: k7kj@teleport.com (Greg Hodsdon)
Date: Wed, 20 Oct 1999 02:19:26 -0700
Hi Scott:
For $500 you should be able to find a Corsair (or if you're really lucky...a
Corsair II) in nice condition with maybe an optional filter or two. The Corsair
series is a later vintage than either the Omni D or Argosy series radios and has
more features such as passband tuning, etc. There has been alot written on this
reflector over the last year or two regarding the Corsair so you might want to
review the archives.? My early Corsair sits on the shelf as a backup radio and I
wouldn't sell it for twice the going price! Good luck in your quest for a TT 
73 de Greg, K7KJ
Portland, OR

SFIKE@twa.com wrote:

> Hi all,
> I am looking to buy my first HF rig and I would like to buy a good used
> Ten Tec rig of some sort. I'm not flushed with mounds of cash and would like
> stay as close to $500 as possible.
> I am looking for some feedback from everybody on what your recommedations
> for a good Ten Tec rig in this approximate price range might be. I have looked
> at a few already and don't know how well they stack up.
> A few of the rigs I was considering was the Omni D series C model or perhaps
> an Argosy II digital version.
> Perhaps there is a better Ten Tec rig out there for my money than these two
> but I don't know what they would be.
> Any and all suggestions are welcomed and appreciated!
> Thanks in advance to all who respond!
> 73
> Scott


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