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[TenTec] Pegasus Programming Manual some Clarifications

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Subject: [TenTec] Pegasus Programming Manual some Clarifications
From: kayser@king.igs.net (Larry Kayser)
Date: Thu, 21 Oct 1999 10:30:23 -0400
Greetings all:

I have received a very nice email from the factory clarifying some of the
items in the Pegasus Programming Manual.  These clarifications are not
errors as much as typos so I will provide them as follows.

First I like the idea of an example for the more complex issues, such as the
frequency setting string.
I choose the FISTS frequency as the sample.

Using the notation of the manual then the string to represent 14.058 is as
follows.  NOTE that the frequency is expressed in MHz please.

Tfreq is 14.058
Mcor is -1
Fcor, Bandwidth is 1050 (for this selected case), is 725
Cbfo is 525

Ctf is int(AdjTfreq/0.0025)+18000                    'note the change from
the manual please
Ftf is ((AdjTfreq/0.0025)-(int(AdjTfreq/0.0025)))*2500*5.46      'note the
change from the manual please
     ' the "mod" function is not always available so this formula works
without it.
Btf is int((Fcor+Cbfo+8000)*2.73)               'note again the change from
the manual please

for the sake of saving some of your time the interim values of the
calculations are as follows
AdjTfreq = 14.0555
Ctf = 23622
Ftf = 2730
Btf = 25252

To get to the above number string for programming the frequency convert
these last three decimal
numbers to hexadecimal notation as laid out as described in the manual.
Note the LSB is on the right.
Note carefully the precedence forced by the brackets.  I have checked them
twice before letting this go, so they should be right now.

Other items of interest

Page 20, Keyer Timing
delete the word "(double)" and then things will look better

Page 21, Noise Reduction and Automatic Notch
The second "nr =" should read "an ="
The factory confirms that the Automatic Notch works in the CW mode which I
find beyond my ability to comprehend.  If the Automatic Notch works on CW
then why does it not attack and remove the desired CW signal your trying to
copy?  I must have a comprehension problem of what Automatic Notch does, but
for the
moment it is beyond me and my skills to understand, sorry 'bout that.......

Page 21, Transmit Audio Source Select and Mic Gain Settings
the source is controlled by an ASCII character a "0" (zero) or a "1" (one),
The gain range is from 0 (0x00) to 15 (0x0F), note the Hex expression of a
binary value.

There are some other items of possible confusion, but they should be viewed
in terms of the above and treated accordingly.

I do not have a Pegasus radio here to try these things on, wont have one
until I first sell my Scout etc.  The Pegasus programming protocol is not
complex, in terms of other similar types of protocols used to make "boxes"
do things.  I am looking forward to using a Pegasus in my vehicle with a
game paddle controller down the road.  The low level control of this radio,
not hidden behind the yacomwood protocol limitations will let new models of
how the radio functions come forward, I for one feel this is a great step

The manual on page 2 suggests that TenTec will be creating DLL's , VBX's,
and Active - X tools so that these tools can be a "drop-in" to other
software.  This is a great start to getting beyond today's yacomwood
protocol and the limitations it imposes on host programs such as various
logging and contest operating programs.  I for one would be glad to
participate with others in the development of a common DLL language that
would permit one to plug in a TenTec, Yeasu, ICOM, or Kenwood radio into any
of the compatible Logging and Contest programs.  There are some tricky
issues to be resolved but they are not insurmountable.  Please email me
directly if your interested in working through these issues from the
software development side.

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