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[TenTec] (Somewhat off topic) Repairs, buying American

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Subject: [TenTec] (Somewhat off topic) Repairs, buying American
From: aa8ve@juno.com (JEFF S JOHNSON)
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 06:23:22 -0400
My thoughts on the whole sha-bang!

In a relative view Ten*Tec is quite unique. For years only made 2 hf rigs
Omni-VI and Scout how long would one of the Yaecomwood companies last
with only 2 hf rigs as their main ham radio products? No Dealers to pedal
their wares, have to put up with tariff and import taxes in Europe
because their an "American Company".  When was the last time you built a
kit from a Yeacomwood Co? I've been using a 2 meter fm rig by T*Kit for
years and I put it together myself and if I wanted 6 meter fm I could do
the same. Look at all the T*Kits that have come out, their great. A lot
of hams enjoy shooting the Moon but I like enhancing my skills in the
radio art, and as for repairs with their help I can do most of my own.

I don't have a EE degree but still enjoy learning about radio design and
the kits have helped me do that.  After building the 2 meter kit I knew
how to work on and align the VXO in the pll board of my Omni-V.  Build a
QRP kit and learn a lot about general amp staging and tuned radio
circuits ( I learn a lot more if I screw something up and have to trouble
shoot it!) as well as mixing and freq. conversions. T*T has done a great
job in providing the real (radio geek) ham something to do, and now with
the new Pegasus they more than anyone else are stepping forward into the
(computer geek) new world of combining radio with computers.

It's not just the Made in USA part but how 'bout the made for amateur
radio "By hams for hams" part, no one can argue that point no matter
where it's made!  Now forget about the 1970s "Buy American" bumper
stickers principal, lets buy from the company that best supports our
hobby. If I have to go outside of their product line for something I do,
but as soon as they come along with a replacement, it's out'a here!

Ok I'm done, I guess every new list member has to get one of these out at
some point.

73 Jeff  aa8ve     TEN*TEC  It's everywhere I want to be!
FISTS 5484
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