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[TenTec] Triton drive & power controls

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Subject: [TenTec] Triton drive & power controls
From: n3byy@yahoo.com (Scott Howell)
Date: Fri, 22 Oct 1999 22:22:20 -0400
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> Subject: Triton drive control
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> well I hessitate to ask this question, but will. Please don't think I'm
> perhaps a bit slow<g>.
> I'm sure its in the manual, but havent' ahd the chance to scan it in.
> I kinda understand that the drive control and pwr controls set output
> but I'm just not 100% clear on the exact relationship between the two.
> I recall that in tube rigs you have plate current and grid voltage
> and these had to be set exactly. However, why would you need a separate
> drive control on a solid state rig? I know the Omni-V I have has an alc
> control for the mic which I never use.
> I kinda thought perhaps this is what the drive control on the Triton
> accomplished, but without having it up some there's not enough power to
> drive the tuner. Ok, so can someone explain how these two controls work
> together?
> what if you turned the drive all the way down and the power up and also
> drive up and power down. What would break. I know you can run the Triton
> by turning both controls down and really go QRP by turning the drive all
> way down.
> ANy comments for my thick mind would be appreciated.
> Maybe I'll learn something<g>.
> tnx
> 73 de Scott/n3byy
> Laurel MD
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