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[TenTec] Omni-D versions

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni-D versions
From: dslosty@pipeline.com (dslosty)
Date: Sun, 24 Oct 1999 02:06:17 -0700
Hi All -

I have had the OMNI-D series C, model 546C, some time ago.
Liked it oK.  About to buy another if I can ... a fellow 
has one that has the frequency counter on the front (OMNI-D
not analog), but the model number is 546, apparently no
letter after it.  Does this mean it is neither a series
B nor a series C?  I suspect it is not a C, of course,
but was there a version just plain OMNI-D and then a 
series B, and if so, was there a B after the model number,
thus making this one a plain vanilla OMNI-D?

After that question, does this mean that it has no options
for crystal filters?  The series C offered two optional filtr
slots, and I am not sure about the series B.  I believe
the analog, first version OMNI-analog did not have any
provisions for optional filters other than possibly an 
audio filter.  I really liked the dual filtering of the
OMNI-D series C.  I recall the B had it but used different
switches to engage the filters than does the C.  If there
was a previous version of the OMNI-D, what did it provide?

I would really appreciate any information on this one.  It
is a gap in my Ten Tec knowledge.




The original Omni came out as either the Omni-A (analog dial)
or the Omni-D (digital dial). There was no model suffix.
If you have the original Omni-D, model 546 you are correct in assuming
that it has no provisions for optinal xtal filters. Only the optional
audio CW filter was available.

The later Omni-D, version B, got rid of the squelch control and
replaced that position with a notch filter. The rotary switch
for the audio filter was made more complex with the addition of
1.8 and .5 KHz positions for the optional model 517 and 518 xtal

The version C simply added the WARC bands and rearranged the filter
using toggle switches instead of a rotary switch. This gave slightly
flexibility. The audio filter functions could be separated from the xtal
filter functions.

Can your model 546, the original Omni-D be upgraded?
Yes, if you can locate the optional filter circuit board, the front
switch, etc.  Ten-Tec originally marketed an upgrade kit. I doubt
that it's still available. I recently called them about WARC upgrades
for my 546B - they no longer have any kits but can still do service
on these rigs. I later was able to find a 30 Mtr kit which I have

I recently installed the model 517 and 518 fitlers in my OMNI-D, version
The extra filters are nice but even with only the audio CW filter, CW
was excellent.


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