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[TenTec] Power Limiting Omni VI+

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Subject: [TenTec] Power Limiting Omni VI+
From: pito@nera.no (Piotr Tomczak)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 15:44:01 +0100

I do have questions regarding the way Omni VI+ reduce the out
power due to the high SWR.

Has any one experienced how does it work ?

Informed by Paul @ TenTec the only power limiting 
mechanism is maximum allowed collector current to be drawn.
Other wise the output power is unchanged.

It is nice in some cases and nasty "habit" in other cases.

Any good or bad experience ???

My Omni still send out 98 Watts even if the reflected power is 45W.
The calculated SWR is 2.68:1

The current drawn on the collector is 18 Amps. (two amps to go)

Best Regards
Piotr Tomczak LA9HFA
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