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[TenTec] Re TenTec Model 215P Mic.

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Subject: [TenTec] Re TenTec Model 215P Mic.
From: rlanders@hgo.net (Russell W. Landers)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 13:25:15 -0400
I'm looking for a TenTec Model 215P microphone and I received this
posting from Rod/K5BGB.....
Is what he's describing what I'm looking for......I've never seen one of
these mic's before, just trying to get one to match the
station.........Thanks Rod for your quick response........

Thanks for any help...........

Quote "Russ:

I took note of your "want ad" on the Ten-Tec reflector and thought I'd
you know that I may have the TT mic you're wanting.

To tell you the truth, I bought it as a used mic with my Corsair II, but
was more than likely from the OMNI D era. Being as I'm a strictly cw
and have been for the past 45 years, the mic serves me no purpose.

Not being familiar with model numbers of the TT mics, I'll try and
this mic . . . It sits in a small base, but can be lifted out and used
handheld. The housing for the mic measures 1.5 inches wide and narrows
to 1 inch where it sits in the base. When the mic is sitting in the
base, it
is 6.5 inches tall and sits back at a slight angle. There's an on/off
built in the housing and it has the word Electret silk screened on the
housing along with the TT logo. The overall condition of the mic is like

If this happens to be the model you're looking for, I'd be pleased to
with it. I've been told that $75 plus shipping and insurance would be a
asking price.

Let me know if this is the mic you'd like to have.


K5BGB"  unquote........

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