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[TenTec] weak signals

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Subject: [TenTec] weak signals
From: w7itc@hotmail.com (Kenneth Crips)
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 14:31:23 MDT
I have noticed with the Omni VI's in the Wyoming Emergency Management
(WEMA) com' room really show their stuff with really good antennas. We have 
6 Omni VI's plus, 3 TS 430 Kenwoods, 2 IC 736's, and a dinosaur set of Swan 
600 twins, these last we just look at and laugh, Swans have to be one of the 
worse radios ever made, they sound good when they are working but if the 
gang switches start to go heaven help you. Anyway we have an antenna farm I 
would love to have at home, beams up 60 and 70 feet,  dipoles up a similar 
distance.  Big verticals with ground plane systems I don't even have the 
room for.  Hooked to these the Omni's are really something, and you can hear 
a difference between the Ten Tec's and the other equipment.  It isn't so 
much that it hears stuff the others don't it seems as though if the weak 
signal is down in the middle of stronger signals the Omni is better able to 
dig it out.

Kenneth A. Crips
Amateur Radio Station W7ITC

Cheyenne, Wyoming's home of glowing Boatanchor radios, and
Razz, The Irish Terrier, that has a PhD in mooching, who hogs the bed on a 
nightly basis, and steals the blankets.

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