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[TenTec] How to read specs.

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Subject: [TenTec] How to read specs.
From: SFIKE@twa.com (SFIKE@twa.com)
Date: 27 Oct 1999 17:10:24 LOC
Hi folks,
I need someone who knows how to read technical specifications to show me
how to interpret them.
I have a couple of transcievers I'm comparing the specs. against eachother
and trying to decipher wich one is better.
They are as follows:

rig X= MDS at 80 meters-128, MDS at 20 meters-139,
       Blocking DR at 80 meters 115, Blocking DR at 20 meters 125
       IMD DR at 80 meters 94, IMD at 20 meters 90

rig Y= MDS at 80 meters-127, MDS at 20 meters-124,
       Blocking DR at 80 meters 117, Blocking DR at 20 meters - (?),
       IMD DR at 80 meters 84, IMD DR at 20 meters 80

MDS= Minimal Disernable Signal
Blocking DR= Blocking Dynamic Range
IMD DR= Intermodulation Distortion Dynamic Range

Bottom line, wich rig is better according to specs? It all looks like Greek
to me! Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance to all who respond!

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