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[TenTec] Scout VS. DX-77 Vs Delta II

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout VS. DX-77 Vs Delta II
From: john.conners@mail.mei.com (john.conners)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 10:14:52 -0500 (CDT)
I bought a Delta II at a swap fest two years ago and have enjoyed it
ever since. Later I learned about the negative review and got confused.
Now I'm glad to here that I'm not the only one that has fun with
the PBT and Jones filter for digging things out of the QRM.

The general coverage and 10M FM have also been useful here.

Thanks, Ten Tec, for a nice radio! I'm keeping mine!

John K9PGF

How about starting a group project for a mobile front panel
design to go with the Pegasus? Should be easy, no analog design
needed :)

>> You raise a great point, Walter. In spite of the bashing the Delta II/
>> Argonaut II took from QST, those rigs filled a niche Ten Tec has not since
>> filled.
>I have played with the Delta II (though I've never owned one) and it seemed
>to me that the combination of the Jones filter and PBT did more to sort out
>a desired weak signal from between strong ones and make it readable than
>anything else I've tried.  I've always wanted one of these, but right now
>the $895 Ten Tec wants for a refurbished one is a little out of my budget.
>IMHO, they were excellent rigs.  Besides, I'd rather spend that kind of
>money on a 526 when it comes out, since I have a very adequate Ten Tec HF
>rig.  It's just not as nice as a Delta II.
>> Nonetheless, I wish they would produce something like a "Scout II"
>> that wouldn't require modules, wouldn't have the drift problems, and would
>> have a few more features.
>I work with computers for a living, and when I go to play with my radios,
>the last thing I want to deal with is a PC.  A Scout II would serve my
>needs, and would be something I would be likely to buy.
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