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[TenTec] Weak Sig/Filter BW [was:Ten-tec noise and RX questions}

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Subject: [TenTec] Weak Sig/Filter BW [was:Ten-tec noise and RX questions}
From: W8JI@contesting.com (Tom Rauch)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 13:43:04 -0400
> Puck,
> I would agree with you on this.  When there is S8 power line noise that is
> extremely broadbanded [wiping out 40m,  for example], narrower may be
> better. 
>  On a quieter band, with only atmospherics [no lightning], my brain works
> better with a wider filter.

It works the opposite of that way on moonbounce and 160 meters.

Moonbounce ops virtually all use heavy filters, because the 
background noise is a hiss. Same on 160 meters on quiet nights.

Try to use a narrow filter on QRN or "spikey" powerline noise, and 
the filter will ring the noise pulses out until you can't catch a "tone" 
between the pulses.


73, Tom W8JI

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