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[TenTec] Scout VS. DX-77

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Subject: [TenTec] Scout VS. DX-77
From: Ron@MidAmericaBreedingTech.com (Ron Keener)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 12:51:28 -0500
"I have played with the Delta II (though I've never owned one) and it
seemed to me that the combination of the Jones filter and PBT did more
to sort out a desired weak signal from between strong ones and make it
readable than anything else I've tried. "

I agree 100% - the KEY to the Delta/Argonaut II is to keep the RF gain
as LOW as possible - turn it down until the signal disappears then bring
it up JUST enough to copy - then the combination is amazing!


   ron keener near Austin, Texas  http://MidAmericaBreedingTech.com
   *            Amateur radio station WA0REE

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