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[TenTec] In between radio

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Subject: [TenTec] In between radio
From: w7itc@hotmail.com (Kenneth Crips)
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 15:46:16 MDT
What I would be looking for in such an in between Ten-Tec is something
like a TS 50S.  It would not have to be fancy, all the basic controls on the 
front panel, forget detachable control heads,   and then have the bells and 
whistles in the menus.  I would even go for not having
an internal electronic keyer, My logiKey keyer is better then any of the 
other keyers I have used.  I just wouldn't use an internal keyer.

As for the Pegasus and a control panel Why not have a setup like the police 
have with the key board and display screen in their patrol cars.

Kenneth A. Crips
Amateur Radio Station W7ITC

Cheyenne, Wyoming's home of glowing Boatanchor radios, and
Razz, The Irish Terrier, that has a PhD in mooching, who hogs the bed on a 
nightly basis, and steals the blankets.

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