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Fw: [TenTec] Tentec Scout/ "Anything Positive"

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Subject: Fw: [TenTec] Tentec Scout/ "Anything Positive"
From: w8keb@1st.net (Ken & Linda Burrough)
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 08:51:16 -0400
Hi All

Don, I have the ARGO 556, the QRP clone of your Scout 555 and rest assured
you did not buy the wrong rig.  The receiver on the Scout/Argo's are  very
good.  The Jones filter works and works well.  The noise blanker takes out
the electric fence at this QTH.  If I can hear them, I can almost work
everyone of them at five watts and my GAP vertical.

All Reflectors are like Henny Penny, you know The Sky is Falling.  Use your
Scout and make up your mind, it is a very good rig.

Flushing, Ohio

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+AD4-I have just bought a used Tentec Scout and I guess I should have read
+AD4-this group 1st. I have looked at this group for a couple of days now and
+AD4-seem to see allot of negative comments. Is there anything positive?
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