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[TenTec] external signal source

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Subject: [TenTec] external signal source
From: aa8ve@juno.com (JEFF S JOHNSON)
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 11:20:00 -0400
I don't think you'll find a better VFO than one based on the PTO. While
it may be possible to use something else I don't think it would be an
improvement. The drawback with all PTOs is they are temp sensitive. You
can turn off the cpu by turning the rig off and on quickly. This locks
out the cpu and keyer, display etc. but receiver works very well. I've
not tried to xmit this way but I've heard QRPers doing it.  I have also
talked to a few Scout owners that have disconnected the freq. locking
system to run it "the old way".   At any rate it's fun to play around
with this stuff.   I once tried to run my Omni-V using an RF generator in
place of the PLL VFO. That was interesting. Stable? Not even close, it
sounded like something from a 1950s si-fi flick but it did work! There is
something called the Digi-vfo or something which is a kit. It can be ran
off a pc but I think you'll end up in harmonic heaven.

Jeff aa8ve   I run a TEN*TEC therefore I am !

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999 10:27:44 -0400 Bill_Ames@hyperion.com writes:
> Since the PTO is not easy to tune quickly and since it is not stable 
> (it needs
> the CPU to monitor and correct the frq) the use of an external 
> signal might
> prove interesting. What would happen to the quality of the received 
> signals
> using an external source? How pure would the external signal have to 
> be? Could
> you then disable the CPU to make the rig better on RX? Stuff like 
> that.
> Bill Ames

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