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[TenTec] Tentec Scout/ "Anything Positive"

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Subject: [TenTec] Tentec Scout/ "Anything Positive"
From: biskit@snip.net (Tom H)
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 1999 16:39:23 -0400

> Why did I get rid of all three of them? Was it because I did not like
> them? To the contrary, I really did love those lil critters. The
> receiver was very quiet, the Jones filter worked great, and I got some
> of the best SSB reports I have ever had. I would buy another today if it
> were not for one problem...
> I operate 95 percent CW. I operate around 30 WPM. I found that at that
> speed the rig would jump and drift right out of the other fellows
> bandpass. If I operated around 20 WPM or less, no trouble at all. And it
> was very stable on SSB. I tried the "fan" and "pause" methods of curing
> the problems but these did not work. 

Gee Jim, why didn't you just use an external keyer?  Problem solved :-)!

7 3,

Tom K3GM

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