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[TenTec] Original Delta

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Subject: [TenTec] Original Delta
From: SFIKE@twa.com (SFIKE@twa.com)
Date: 29 Oct 1999 15:42:19 LOC
Hi all,
I have been reading a lot about the Scout and Delta II lately on this
reflector. I was just wondering what some of your opinions are on the original
Delta ( I call it the Delta I ) were. Is this a very good rig? I have the
oportunity of buying one and don't know if this would make a worthwhile rig.
It seems to be somewhat of an orphan rig in that I don't ever hear or read
anything about it in general. I don't even think QST ever did a review on it
when it was originally released sometime back in the 1980's. It seems to be
Ten Tecs "forgotten rig". Is it really that bad or are people just trying to
keep it a secret because they know it is really that good?!
Any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated!!!

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