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[TenTec] Inbody Address Error Notification

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Subject: [TenTec] Inbody Address Error Notification
From: SFIKE@twa.com (SFIKE@twa.com)
Date: 29 Oct 1999 21:21:35 LOC

*** Forwarding note from SYSADMIN--TWAMS01  10/29/99 21:20 ***

From: System Administrator
Subject: Inbody Address Error Notification
You have specified incorrect foreign ad-hoc address(es).
Your original message is shown below.


If that is the case, why not start designing its replacement now for when the
Scout finially gets retired. Since you seem to have such a winning design on
your hands, I would suggest just refinining it. IMHO, the controversial plug-
in band moduals should be the first to go. Just make it as a normal 9 band
HF rig and do some minor tweaking of the rest. You should be able to use much
of the same parts from the old Scout for this new "hypothetical Scout II" if
done this way and thus keep the costs low.
Just an idea....

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