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[TenTec] Tentec Scout/ "Anything Positive"

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Subject: [TenTec] Tentec Scout/ "Anything Positive"
From: weingaertner@nac.net (Robert Weingaertner)
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 07:31:27 -0400
Actually, I think it is an LM-2940-10. I have the specs for the chip
around here......somewhere! My crimp connection was made with a
hand crimping tool, so it wasn't as tight as it could have been.
Also the crimped lug was right at the truck battery and was subjected
to the usual acid fog. Note that I am not caliming that the Scout
will run an entire Field Day on a 7 AH battey, but it works fine
for a couple of hours of casual portable operation. The 50 W power
is plenty for solid contacts but still within the realm of resonable
battery operation. The simplicity of the Scout makes it a great
get away to the park, campsite, or even back yard rig.

        73, Bob WB2VUF

Dr. Gerald N. Johnson, P.E. wrote:
> So there's a LM2940-11.0? Means 11.5 volts is the low limit on the input
> voltage. After some use a poor battery will drop down that far under
> load, and it doesn't take much of a resistive connection at the fuses in
> the cable to add drop. That's a perennial problem in some Kenwood
> radios.
> Normally a crimped connection when really crimped with enough squeeze
> gets a cold weld that's more reliable than soldering. And avoids wicking
> solder up between the strands to make the flexible wire snap off when
> bent too many times.
> The National Electrical Code outlawed soldered main connections about
> 1939 because too few electricians could do it right, though the code
> committee admitted a good soldered connection beat most pressure
> connections.
> If a 7 amp hr gel cell holds the Scout, then any battery that doesn't
> has to have a problem!
> 73, Jerry, K0CQ

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