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[TenTec] Omni V - Instability

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni V - Instability
From: cbrown@exis.net (R. Carey Brown)
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 08:36:23 -0400
I'm hoping someone may have experienced similar problems and might
have some suggestions. . .


1.  Noticed on (40 M only) that when I first turn on the rig, the
receiver is initially dead (the one time I tried, the rig would not
transmit on 40M either).  Waiting time varies from 30 seconds to as
long as 4 minutes before receiver finally "comes to life" and
operation is normal after that until turned off and left overnight.
On all other bands, receiver springs to life on power-up.
Discussed with TenTec, who suggested that this is possibly an aging

2.  While operating, noticed RX began to sound just like "buckshot"
used to sound on my old Drake 2B on 75 SSB when a station camped
about 4 Khz away (but this sound started occurring on CW, rather
than SSB)  this behavior made no sense until it worsened and I
realized that CW signals were rapidly changing frequency in such a
matter that signals "flew through" my passband at such a rapid pace
that they were unintelligible.  I don't know if the same thing was
happening to my transmitted signal or not, as I immediately took the
rig out of the lineup.

I have owned this rig for 10 years and never experienced any such
problems until I developed an intermittent transmit problem, which
TenTec corrected by replacing K1, D2 and R4 on the low pass filter
board.  They also replaced the main tuning encoder and the 20 meter
band push button on the key pad.

While they had the rig, I asked TenTec to do the "hiss mod" on the
PBT, IF/AF boards.  They also replaced D10 on the bandpass filter
board and installed the latest software on the logic board and added
a regulator board to logic B+.  Finally, they performed alignment of
the PLL, BFO and RX.

I fear the requested alignment may have led to the present problems
- one of those "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" situations where
everything had aged 10 years and realignment disturbed the "natural
balance" of things.  Dunno.

I am packing this up for return to TenTec, but felt it might be
worthwhile asking here before taking the next step - Has anybody had
similar problems?  Any suggestions (other than returning rig to TT

Thanks - Carey

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