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[TenTec] Delta II - your opinions

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Subject: [TenTec] Delta II - your opinions
From: pepperb@gov.on.ca (Brien Pepperdine)
Date: Sat, 30 Oct 1999 13:37:47 -0400 (EDT)

I solicit your opinions on the Delta II.
Yes, I know it was covered in passing in the past week re. the Scott and
DX77 comparison.

If you have one, or used one/sold it, I invite your input to me re. the
rig, using it on CW, the Jones filter performance (esp. using with absence
of xtal filters in a TT rig, comparatively), attentuation as the filter is
narrowed (according to the infamous QST review anyhow...), and so on.
Be critical, or be glowing wherever warranted.

If it is underappreciated, I'd like to know how and why, but if deservedly
abandoned or ignored, that to, for some stated and assessed reasons.

I do have a an offer of a good condx rig at a good price, so would like to
tell the fellow asap, as he is eager to clear out and move to new


Brien Pepperdine
Amateur Radio Station VE3VAW
Toronto, Ontario Canada

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