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Fw: [TenTec] Tentec Scout/ "Anything Positive"

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Subject: Fw: [TenTec] Tentec Scout/ "Anything Positive"
From: w8keb@1st.net (Ken & Linda Burrough)
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 1999 06:03:56 -0500
Hi All

If Scott Robbins reads this maybe he will give the real answer.  I would
love to have my ARGO 556 not jump or drift frequency at speeds above 20 WPM.
What about it Scott?  See you at Dayton this coming year to order my

Flushing, Ohio

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+AD4-Wow Perry. I'de sure like comfirmation of a FIX from TenTec because I
+AD4-actually went down to the factory and asked them in person if there
+AD4-was any cure for the jumping. The answer was a flat NO+ACE- Now you say
+AD4-all we have to do is ask and they fix it???? I was impressed with how
+AD4-stable your's was during our last qso and would like to have one that
+AD4-is as good but you seem to be the only one with a good one.
+AD4-Carl posted a reference to a +ACI-mod+ACI- that takes 3 minutes that cures 
+AD4-problem. Any idea what that's all about? I know guys who have tired
+AD4-external keyers, fans and Stan even disconnected an air conditioning
+AD4-vent in his car and aimed the hose on his Scout to keep it cool but to
+AD4-no avail.
+AD4-Steve N4LQ
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