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From: James R. FitzSimons" <cherry@getnet.net (James R. FitzSimons)
Date: Wed, 1 Aug 2001 09:43:30 -0700
Mark, the Pegasus will get warm even at 30 Watts PSK31. I always put an
cheap external fan on to keep the Pegasus and my computer monitor cool.
With the fan I can run all day at 60 Watts PSK31 or 90 Watts CW and never
even get the heatsink warm. The fan also keeps me cooler since I do not
have refrigeration in my house and it gets up to 120F here in the Arizona
desert. I never run the Pegasus at the full 100 Watts since that is only a
Db difference. If I want more power to get through the noise on 80 meters I
turn on the amplifier and watch the tubes glow. The same fan keeps the
amplifier cool. I have to keep a weight on the loose papers. I would never
be without a simple fan.

Hi all. In the past few days I've been messing with PSK31 on my Pegasus.
I've done of a lot of PSK31, but not with the Pegasus. Here's my question.
I've got the setup adjusted for about 10 watts according to the meter in my
external antenna tuner. I think the meter is pretty close because it reads
90 or 100 watts with the Pegasus going full bore. The important fact is that
I have the power cut back on the Pegasus.

However, after a lengthy transmission, I notice that the heat sinks on the
Pegasus are very warm (too hot to hold).  I would expect this if I were
transmitting full bore, but is this normal with reduced power? They seem to
cool during receive and during extended receive don't get warm at all.

One last piece of information. I'm using an antenna with about a 2:1 SWR on
14.070 and matching that using the new LDG internal tuner. I still have my
external tuner connected, but have the selector switch to bypass it's tuner.


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