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[TenTec] Omni VI+ commands revisited

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Subject: [TenTec] Omni VI+ commands revisited
From: ditzian@alltel.net (ditzian@alltel.net)
Date: Thu, 2 Aug 2001 00:01:26 -0400
I thank the Omni VI+ users for their responses to my query about 
operating the narrow filters through computer commands.

I regret that the Omni VI+ manual says that the narrow filter 
is not available through commands.  However, for an Omni VI, 
despite the fact that it is not mentioned in the documentation, the 

FE FE 04 E0 06 00 06

implemented in Zakanaka as

$hexcommand FE FE 04 E0 06 00 06 FD$

will toggle the 9 mHz. narrow filter.  Why don't you Omni VI users 
try this out and see if it works on one of the narrow filters (watch 
the lights)?  If it does, try 07 as the last digit and see if it toggles 
the other narrow filter.  This is a toggle, by the way, which is not 
the nicest way to implement this function.  That is, each time you 
send the command, it switches back the other way, i.e., on, off, 
on, off, .....

The final digits 02 thorugh 04 operate the 6.3 mHz. filter selections, 
and these are not toggles.  Each choice turns the others off (only 
one filter is in line).  The 00 in the 6th byte from the left operates 
the mode (00=LSB, 01=USB,....).

By the way, I am using an Omni VI with the cheapskate VI+ 
upgrade, which is a new ROM chip but no extra filter position.  My 
software should be the same as the VI+, so I think that Ten-Tec is 
hiding something from you guys.  If so, this is the place to talk 
about it.  I have this thing about operating manuals.............

Please let me know if you stumble across a way to get the narrow 
filters working remotely, I want to add it to the Zakanaka 
documentation.  Try the stuff above and let me know.

Jan Ditzian

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