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[TenTec] Delta 580 for beginner

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Subject: [TenTec] Delta 580 for beginner
From: benk8dit@serv.net (ben)
Date: Fri, 3 Aug 2001 00:04:41 -0700
Hi Duane,  Kids today can be pretty sharp. Just the fact that you called his
new license class a technician, shows what might be a hint at a generation
gap inspite of your good intentions. You may be thinking qsk cw and he may
be thinking dsp and psk31. You didnt say how old your nephew is, but I doubt
he's thirty, just by the sound of it.
If he's 14, he's got definite ideas what he wants to do with his ticket. No
matter what you get him, it'll be easy to resell it, so if you aim higher
than a 580, he might think it's too cool to pitch once he discovers girls.
I'm not suggesting that the 580 wouldnt thrill him to the ultimate, it
might. But, if he thinks his uncle isnt thinking of his future in
electronics, but getting him something that's not too complicated, why, go
for the shoes he can grow into instead of the ones that fit him now. I hope
that this makes sense to you. I was first licensed in 1961 at 13yrs old and
a general at 14 copying code at 30wpm. I gave up ham radio at 16 and didnt
relicense til I was 35. If  I 'd  had an uncle, that was gonna get me a rig,
I'd want to talk to him about it first. cul de ben k8dit..

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